Top 6 Best Online Stores to Buy Diamond Necklaces (2021 Review)

Let's suppose you're shopping for a diamond necklace. There are so many options online, how do you know where to start?

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In this guide I'll answer common questions like:

  • Where Are The Best Places To Buy Diamond Necklaces Online?
  • What Are The Red Flags When Shopping For Diamond Necklaces?
  • What Types Of Settings Are Available For Diamond Necklaces?
  • What Kind Of Chain Should You Look For When Buying?
Best Online Stores For Diamond Necklaces

Top 6 Places to Buy Diamond Necklaces Online

If you need the list quick, here are my top picks for the best places to purchase quality diamond necklaces online. Keep reading for more information about each of these shops.

Product Details
1. James Allen

Best Overall

  • Design Your Own Pendant Option
  • 360° View on ALL Products
  • 30-Day Easy Returns
  • Free Shipping & Lifetime Warranty
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2. Clean Origin

100% Lab Diamonds

  • Great Selection
  • 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Expedited, Insured Shipping
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3. Brilliant Earth

Wide Selection

  • Wide Variety of Styles
  • Beyond Conflict Free™
  • Free Shipping & 30-Day Returns
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4. Blue Nile

Solid Retailer

  • Classic Styles
  • Expansive Selection
  • Free Shipping & 30-Day Returns
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5. Whiteflash

Unique Styles

  • Great Diamond Cuts
  • Free Worldwide Insured Shipping
  • 30-Day Returns But Only 10-Day for Some Products
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Diamond necklaces are a favorite in women's accessories since they go with literally everything.

Not only are they versatile, but they make perfect gift ideas for a birthday or Valentine's Day.

Diamond is also the birthstone for all you April babies, though it's usually substituted for white topaz or white sapphire in birthstone jewelry to keep cost down. 

If you are an April baby, or you need to get a gift for one, a diamond necklace is fitting for the occasion, as diamond is also the birthstone for April. 

What's more:

Diamond necklaces look sophisticated when paired with a pair of diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, or even gemstone jewelry. They have classic, meaningful, and unique designs too.

I've picked out the absolute best diamond necklace online retailers available on the web. So let the hunt for diamond necklaces begin!

#1 Buying Diamond Necklaces At James Allen

Buying Diamond Necklaces At James Allen

When you buy a diamond necklace at James Allen, you are choosing the leading online retailer in diamonds and fine jewelry.

Here's why:

James Allen offers its customers a wide selection of fashionable diamond necklaces and diamond pendants. 


Under the diamond pendants, you can choose from preset necklaces or get creative and create your very own design!

Here's how it works:

First, select your loose diamond using filters like carat weight, clarity, cut, and color grades. 

You also get to pick out what metal setting you want, such as platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

But, just keep in mind that not all settings are available in all metals.


In the fashion diamond necklaces category, there are plenty of different styles.

Some of these styles include classics like diamond halo pendants, bar necklaces, drop necklaces, and other unique designs.

My favorite necklace I've seen while scrolling through is this exquisite fancy yellow diamond pendant. It's in a higher price range, but there are a ton of options below $1,000 to choose from.

fancy yellow diamond necklaces from james allen

It gets better:

James Allen warranties all their diamond jewelry with a lifetime guarantee of wear and tear repairs such as cleaning or polishing. They also do other repairs like breaks in the chain or a broken clasp.

Plus, you have 30-days to return your purchase for a full refund if for some reason you aren't satisfied. 

In summary:

James Allen is the best in the business when it comes to buying diamonds online, and their necklaces are no exception.

Visit their official site from the link below to shop for your next diamond necklace or pendant:


  • Lifetime Warranty covers wear and tear repairs
  • Choose your own pendant
  • Affordable prices
  • GIA certified diamond pendants


  • Limited amount of settings

#2 Buying Diamond Necklaces At Clean Origin

clean origin necklaces

Clean Origin is a newer online diamond retailer. They officially arrived as a company in 2017, but have years and years of industry experience.

Unlike the other online retailers on this list, Clean Origin is the only one that sells 100% lab diamond necklaces like this gorgeous teardrop pendant below: 

Teardrop pendant


Lab diamonds are real diamonds, but they are created under lab conditions that imitate the real world environment necessary for diamonds to form in the ground.

So, instead of taking billions of years, it takes a couple of weeks to create these synthetic diamonds...

Which is why:

Because synthetic diamonds are not as rare as mined diamonds, they don't hold trade in value. Meaning it will be tough to sell back for close to what you bought it for.

But on the flip side:

Lab diamonds can be up to—and even over—50% cheaper than a mined diamond. And both have the same composition in every way. 

This means you can get a LOT more value per carat with a lab-created diamond necklace. The best part is no one will know the difference, just you and your wallet!

Because lab diamonds are so much more affordable than mined diamonds, Clean Origin carries lab diamond necklaces in higher carat weights.

For example, check out this beautiful 3 carat chevron pendant

That beauty costs $3000, which may seem like a lot, but try finding a 3 carat chevron necklace like this made from mined diamonds with the same grades.

Spoiler alert: It would be more than double the cost! 

Currently, Clean Origin has just shy of 30 diamond pendants with differing styles and different carat weights.

It gets better:

All of their jewelry comes with an industry-leading 100-day money back guarantee, which just goes to show how much confidence they have that you'll love the product.

Unfortunately, when it comes to warranties, Clean Origin offers a manufacturer's warranty. These warranties don't cover repairs like rhodium plating white gold. 

However, that is a small price to pay for the amazing value they offer.

In summary: 

The selection offered by Clean Origin allows you to purchase the same diamond for less, or simply save up to 50% over what you might have been expecting to pay for a mined diamond necklace.


  • Lab diamonds are less expensive
  • 100 day return policy
  • Variety of styles


  • No warranties
  • Small selection

#3 Buying Diamond Necklaces At Brilliant Earth

brilliant earth

Brilliant Earth is a pretty well known online diamond retailer that specialize in "Beyond Conflict Free" diamonds. While most of their customers visit their showrooms or website to build their own diamond engagement ring, they also carry a wide selection of fine jewelry, including diamond necklaces. 

Like many other retailers, Brilliant Earth offers both build-your-own solitaire diamond pendants and preset necklaces. 

The selections they offer are versatile. A lot of companies have very specific designs, such as funny emblems and initial jewelry. But Brilliant Earth has a lot of a classy diamond necklaces that are perfect to dress an outfit up, like this 18K white gold Icon Diamond Necklace below: 

You can choose from mined diamonds or lab created diamonds. If you choose to Create Your Own solitaire pendant, you also get the option of choosing one of their blockchain or recycled diamonds. Recycled diamonds are diamonds that have been recut or repurposed. 

Blockchain diamonds are unique to Brilliant Earth and use a highly secure software network that tracks a diamond through all seven phases of production. Blockchain networks are done frequently for secure companies and Brilliant Earth partnered with a company to do it for diamonds-thus going "Beyond Conflict Free". 

I actually really like their solitaire pendant setting styles too. They've got a selection of pretty and unique settings you won't find at other online retailers- like this stunning rose gold Ocean Diamond Pendant setting to the right. 

When you buy diamond necklaces at Brilliant Earth, you're also given the option of adding a 3 year Extended Service Plan. The cost of plan is dependent on the cost of item purchased. It can also be renewed at the end of the 3 year period. 

Unfortunately, you can't add it online when you check out. You'll have to call customer service and have it charged separately. If you're in a showroom, you'll hear about it from an associate. 


  • Mined and lab diamond options
  • Versatile diamond necklace styles
  • Offers blockchain and recycled diamonds for solitaire pendants


  • Have to add warranty after purchasing online
  • No 14K gold options

#4 Buying Diamond Necklaces At Blue Nile

Buying Diamond Necklaces At Blue Nile

Blue Nile offers a large selection of diamond necklaces featuring classic designs as well as unique ones too.

They have plenty of commonly requested bridal jewelry, such as the diamond drop bar and diamond pearl jewelry.

They carry jewelry in a range of price options. However, most of the pieces are higher end items like this gorgeous three-tiered diamond necklace. 

diamond necklaces from blue nile

If you are looking for a single diamond or solitaire pendant, Blue Nile is also a fantastic choice. It has the same concept as James Allen for choosing your own loose diamonds through filters.

They have colored diamonds as well, but you can't set them into the pendants, nor are you able to do a 360 view like you can with the colorless diamonds.

Fancy color diamonds have to be purchased individually as loose stones. Also, I've noticed they don't carry black diamond pendants either. 

yellow gold diamond necklace from blue nile

In their fashion necklace collection, they have a wide range of modern and classic styles.

You can choose from all diamond necklaces or gemstone necklaces. Blue Nile also offers more affordable diamond jewelry set in sterling silver. 

It's difficult to see the details in the pictures. So, if you're not feeling the look of the necklace after you get it, they do offer 30 day returns and pay for the shipping label.

Keep in mind though that diamond necklaces that are engraved are non-refundable.

If the options above don't suit you, I'm sure you'll be able to find the necklace of your dreams from the expansive selection at Blue Nile.


  • Wide selection
  • Affordable
  • 30 day returns
  • Solitaire necklaces and fashion necklaces


  • No black diamond pendants
  • Can't set fancy colored diamonds in pendants

#5 Buying Diamond Necklaces At Leibish & Co.

Buying Diamond Necklaces At Leibish & Co.

Leibish & Co specializes in high quality fancy colored diamonds. You won't find many colorless diamonds on the site for loose stones, but you can find a pretty good amount in the already-set necklace section under fine jewelry. 

You can choose from yellow, gray, brown, orange, and pink diamonds to customize into a pendant. The prices are definitely in the higher tier, as fancy vivid color diamond prices can skyrocket.

I don't like that they don't have any kind of 360 view, only a magnified picture of it. I like being able to see the stone from all angles. 

But man, let me tell you. These pieces are breathtaking. The colorless diamonds look so pretty in a halo around a fancy color diamond.

Check out this one here that actually features a halo of pink diamonds.

oval diamond necklace from leibish

They also offer a selection gemstone/diamond hybrid pendants, like this pretty round cut ruby and diamond necklace 

When it comes to benefits, Leibish and Co. has a manufacturer's warranty, but not one that covers routine maintenance. 

That alone is going to help you keep an expensive piece in tip-top shape. They offer 30 day refunds if you're not satisfied and make the process easy for you as well. 


  • Vivid fancy diamonds
  • Create a pendant option
  • Gemstone diamond pendants


  • No 360 view
  • Few colorless loose diamonds. 
  • Can be very expensive

#6 Buying Diamond Necklaces At Whiteflash

Buying Diamond Necklaces At Whiteflash

Whiteflash is another popular online diamond jewelry store. They carry almost 100 diamond necklaces, pendants included, which is a fair amount for an online retailer. 

You get the choice of either selecting your loose diamond to be set into the setting of your choice, or you can select a carat weight of pre-selected stones with general diamond grades.

It's kind of strange, but this may be a more affordable option for someone who isn't necessarily looking for the top of the line diamond. Whiteflash specializes in the best cut diamonds, so they charge a small premium with their diamonds

whiteflash diamond pendants online

The diamond pendants collection not only features solitaire pendants, but fun designs that other competitors don't carry. There are a couple of classics still, like my personal favorite, the Journey Pendant.

This pendant has 7 of Whiteflash's personally-cut diamond collection, A Cut Above Diamonds. These branded diamonds are super ideal cut. 

Additionally, Whiteflash offers A Cut Above Diamonds in diamond rings and diamond earrings, so you can get the whole collection. 

Whiteflash offers a temporary warranty for the first year. All routine work such as polishing, retipping of prongs, tightening of stones, and polishing are done for free within one year. 

whiteflash diamond pendants online

After that you'll have to pay for any work done if you didn't purchase the care plans they offer during checkout.

Remember that anything purchased from the virtual collection service has to be returned within 10 days, not the normal 30 day warranty like with the other pieces. 


  • Fair size collection of diamond necklaces
  • Offers excellent care plans for purchase
  • Pre-selected carat weight offered
  • Free service for a year


  • Difficult to navigate 
  • Bad light to view diamond characteristics

FAQ When Buying Diamond Necklaces Online

The vast selection of diamond necklaces online can be overwhelming. 

And there are a lot of questions to ask. Should you get one that's all diamonds or a mix of gemstones and diamonds? What will you set it in? Rose gold? White gold? Maybe yellow gold?

online diamond necklace

The possibilities are endless. Check out the most asked questions about buying diamonds online. 

Is It Cheaper To Buy Diamond Necklaces Online?

The price of a diamond necklace greatly differs according to diamond specifics, such as carat, clarity, color, cut, and style. Some settings, like the bezel setting, require extra craftsmanship and end up being priced higher.

Also, the number of stones will impact that as well. Additionally, the metal in which you have the necklace set in has a big effect on price. Lastly, the type of chain and thickness of it will affect price. 

I would say that buying diamond necklaces online is going to be around the same that you'd find in jewelry stores, only the quality is better online.

Actually, I was just looking at my own engagement ring today I bought from a retail jeweler. I started looking at Blue Nile's loose stone collection and basically created my ring to its exact specifications that its certification says.

Turns out Blue Nile was selling the same ring for at least $1500 less. I could have purchased a much better diamond for cheaper.

Red Flags When Buying Diamond Necklaces Online?

1. Conflict diamonds

Conflict diamonds can be a hot topic among diamond jewelry customers. While it's not near as productive as it used to be, sometimes the concern still pops up.

Conflict diamonds, also referred to as blood diamonds, are diamonds that are mined and used to fund wars and spread terrorism. 

Read Also: How to buy ethically sourced diamonds?

Every retailer on this list sells conflict-free diamonds and you can view their policies on each respective website. 

2. Chain

Chances are, if you're buying a diamond pendant, you're buying a chain too. Some of you may use the chain it comes with, while others may opt for a different chain. Before purchasing a diamond necklace, you should do your research on chains.

Read Also: What are the options for necklace chains?

Some chains are very fragile, while others catch your hair. If you are a little harder on your jewelry, you might need a thicker chain like a rope chain. 

How To Get The Best Deal When Buying Diamonds Online?

If you want the best deal on diamond necklaces, make sure to do your research first. Know which chains you are wanting it and choose quality materials that are going to help you preserve your necklace.

Make sure you are storing it correctly and not with other jewelry. 

Another bonus is to purchase from a company that has a lifetime warranty, like James Allen or Leibish & Co. They cover all the normal repairs that you're supposed to have done every 6 months are so. And they do it for life and for free!


All things considered, I recommend you shop at James Allen for your diamond necklace or pendant. They have the best combination of value, selection, and service in the industry.

Not to mention the 30-day return policy if you'd like to return or exchange your necklace for another one. 

That said, you are bound to get even more bang for your buck with one of the lab-created diamond pendants from Clean Origin.

Plus, their 100-day return policy is unbeatable. With several of their designs you can get a total weight of 1 carat of diamonds for under $1,000 which is very impressive. 

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